Saturday, 28 January 2012

better late than never...

Ohemgee I have finally arrived! Its still quite hard to believe that I am here to stay and it isn't some kind of temporary dreamy holiday. Getting to London was thankfully uneventful, I purchased a priority package which was amazing and makes my wonder why I don't do so everytime I fly (fashionistas take note-extra baggage allowance and champagne, yes? I think so! Extra bonus...getting to bring more shoesies!!) So after getting to check in before anyone else and getting on the plane before anyone else and after having more champagne and wine than anyone else and a veryyy impatient 8.5 hours, I arrived in London jetlag-drunk and very excited to see Ben waiting for me in arrivals after having missed him for the last 3 months! I spent the first bit of time after arriving just catching up on some much needed sleep, then it was time to get down to business and start life things in London. I am in the process of letting my own cute little flat which I am so excited about, and hope by next week I will have pictures to put up here to show you all! The flat is a little first floor studio with a bay window and two little balconies in an old character building (what building here isn't though?!) on the High Road, close to the Underground in Loughton, Essex. (For those who may visit-its easy to spot as the door to the building is lime green lol) Hopefully all will proceed as planned and I'll have some happy news to share very soon! Once I am settled a bit more I will be able to update my blog more frequently, but for those who are impatiently waiting for an update, here it is!
your diva abroad x


  1. So glad you are there safe and sound....enjoy evey minute and I look forward to following your adventure!!

  2. Thanks Norma! So glad you are following my blog-will have lots of adventures to come, and am most definately enjoying it here!