Tuesday, 31 January 2012

all by meself! (a blog entry written in transit)

So today I have been left to my own devices to find things on my own (or get epically lost, whichever comes first). Typically I have quite a poor sense of direction, so the probability of getting on the tube and coordinating my underground location with my overground destination is going to be rather difficult. For me, getting really lost is the only way to eventually get found! I have already warned Ben that he may be embarking on a rescue the diva mission after he leaves work this evening. So far I think I'll be okay, I have managed to sort some things in town, thanks to England's High Streets being one road with everything on, and am now sat on the train hoping it goes where I think Ben said it goes or I'm going to have to do some recalibrating on the move (which, lets be honest, consists of just more getting-lost-inducing wandering about). The whole point of this journey is to open a bank account at the HSBC at Liverpool Street and I have left a good 3 hour window until they close. Hopefully it will be a successful trip-if I have time I may try to make my way to the Queen's House but might be a bit too daring for my first day using the rail system! Yesterday I went into London (tour guide in tow obviously!) and had some tube training-most of which I probably should have written down as it just sounded a bit like 'if your going here take this line and change here, or go this way, but if you go that way then change here, unless its at this time in which case take these lines and change here, here, and here'. Excellent. Thanks. No worries, if I get lost at least I know how to do so looking important and as if I'm in a massive hurry so no one notices how amazingly turned around I have gotten! I was soo excited to have discovered that there are a few Whole Foods shops in London and so we went down to Kensington High Street to get some Shan friendly food things. I have to say I almost died when I saw how absolutely mahoosive it was!!! Two amazingly huge floors of organic goodness including a liquor store, butcher type place with fish etc, a cheese market, a deli area, and every other food and veg and beauty and misc item you could imagine. In about 45 minutes I had done some serious damage (as I do) and was a happy girlie once again eating my dried mango, raw food bars and quinoa! Woo! I was even provided a small bit of entertainment watching Ben trying to navigate the aisles full of I-have-no-idea-what-these-are type items. All in all a very good day!

Edit-although unsuccessful in securing a bank account and thus consequently being trapped in a viscious cycle of needing one thing to get another and needing those things to get a third thing (something has got to give!) I managed to navigate the train and the city with ease thanks to my little map book and some preplanning! Next up is project London Underground...
your diva abroad x


  1. http://citygirlinthenorth.blogspot.com/2012/01/great-white-north-indeed.html

    I did it! Now we are blog friends!

  2. hey Shana wow you sure have gotten alot done in a short time.. it sounds like your having a blast.. good for you.. you worked hard to get out there.. all our chilly nights in the garage going thru your stuff lol.. well if you get lost on the trains in London at least you will look good doing it lol...We hope to see you and Ben beginning of march.. I can just see you and Ben in the health food store.. him looking confused at the strange items you are buying and you...looking in heaven at finding such a gem of a store in London lol.. talk soon ....Mom and Dad

  3. It has been a mad rush but I am getting there eventually! There is still so much to do but feeling a bit more sorted out now than when I first got here. Am having so much fun though! Yeah I know lol it was worth all the work in the end, although the work hasnt stopped its just different! Haha luckily so far I havent gotten lost on the trains, its actually easier to navigate once Im alone because im forced to pay attention lol. Thats exactly what it was like, navigating my way around there like nobodys business, feeling a bit like it was Disneyland for food! haha xoxo